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AirPods are arguably the first Apple product to see large discounts before Black Friday, but they’re certainly not the only ones. Head here to find some other great deals ahead of time.

Every year, Black Friday gets more and more crowded with people looking for discounts on technology, rather than just food and clothes. This year might be the first where you’ll hear cries of “But I want it now!” not from kids looking for presents under the tree, but actual adults.

To that end, some of the best discounts are being offered early, before Black Friday even arrives. Don’t get too excited though, not every Black Friday deal applies to all shoppers, so you’ll have to be smart about your purchases.

Best discounts on the AirPod

In early November, Best Buy began offering a $100 gift card for those who purchased AirPods from the store. This offer’s been extended until November 20th, so you can still take advantage if you were eyeing a pair as a gift.

The gift card will be given to those who purchase the charging case and one additional AirPod. The gift card can be used at Best Buy stores and Best Buy.com. Find a great black friday deal, decide what to buy. It’s a simple process.

AirPods on sale

If you’ve been thinking about splurging on a pair of AirPods, here are some places where you can get them for less than $160. Note that the prices listed here may change over time.

  • Apple Store: $159 (Reg. $199) until November 20th
  • Best Buy: $159 (Reg. $199) until November 20th
  • Walmart: $154.99 plus free shipping for members with free pickup in store at checkout (Reg. $199)
  • Jet: $159 (Reg. $199)
  • Adorama: $159 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Newegg: $154.99 (Reg. $199). Consider using a promo code like AFDPRW24 for an additional 10% off the price!
  • B&H Photo Video: $154.95 (Reg. $199). Use the code HAFDUS5 for an additional 5% off your order
  • Best Buy: $159 (Reg. $199)
  • TigerDirect: $159.99 (Reg. $199). Use coupon code “TDS2017” to get a 10% discount if you use the code during checkout.
  • B&H Photo Video: $174 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Adorama: $174 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Newegg: $174 (Reg. $199). Use promotion code 15DPFREQ for an additional 15% off your order, or use promo code ADDISRX for an additional 5% off the price.
  • Target: $159 (Reg. $199)
  • Walmart: $154.99 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Newegg: $159 (Reg. $199). Use promo code HAFDUS5 for an additional 5% off your order if you use this code at checkout. Note that the price may be different depending on the quantity you order.
  • Amazon: $159 (Reg. $199) with free shipping on orders of at least $35, valid for Prime members or people who have a Prime Student membership. Use code “BLACK17” to get the discount as a Prime member as well as an additional 20% off as a student if you’re not already a member!

Unless noted, all of these are available for in-store pickup or shipping. Some are also available for same-day pickup. Most of them will be offered with free shipping as well.

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When it comes to couponing, my mother has instilled in me plenty of ways to save money across a variety of platforms. We did not have a ton of money growing up. My siblings and I each played a couple of sports each, there were three of us. Grocery bills were expensive, because we were growing and ate everything in site. So couponing at the grocery store was a big deal for us.

Another way my mother has instilled couponing in me is through apps. There are so many apps on your phone now that allow you to get some cash back for the shopping you do everyday. These are so easy for me now because it is at my fingertips. The other way I have learned to save money from my family is through online websites, just at Retailmenot, Slickdeals, Couponvario or Couponfollow. This allows me to do online shopping as I normally do, but get some money back in the process.

Whenever I think of the grocery, I think of coupons. When I was younger, we just had a Meijer card and we got coupons every time we went to the store at the checkout. My mother saved these in a file that was separated by category. We always looked in these when buying things we needed/wanted in order to see if we had a coupon.

Couponing for Beginners

However, nowadays it is a lot easier to access because there is an app on my phone that allows me to clip coupons and apply those at checkout. This has been incredibly helpful when I go grocery shopping, especially now that I pay for my own groceries. I am incredibly conscious when I go shopping at the grocery store to my coupons that I clipped before I went. Even if I do not have a coupon, I tend to buy things on sale. This allows me to save money even if I did not have a coupon. Since I grew up couponing with my family, I have continued to do it now that I pay for groceries on my own. I have even helped my roommates find ways to coupon at their favorite grocery store as well. Couponing has helped me keep a budget when it comes to my groceries, because I am on a limited budget.

The app that I consistently use is called Ibotta. This app allows you to scan any receipt and receive a small amount of money back from it. The money you get back is a small amount (sometimes only $0.01), but it is so easy to use. Any receipt you get from anywhere can be scanned, and this includes gas receipts and retail ones. It is a small way to get back some money from the things you already spend on. If you think about the amount of receipts you get, it is a simple one step way to get a small amount back. To me, anything I can get back for myself is a win. One that I do not personally use is called Coupons.com. It is similar to Ibotta, but you get points instead of money back. These points allow you to pick out gift cards after a certain amount of points.

Websites such as couponvario.com allow you to get rebates on online shopping. This is helpful because a lot of people shop through Amazon, etc. The rebates you receive depend on what you buy and how much it costs. However, the way I see it is anything you can get back is helpful. Especially for a college student like myself.

Other Way to Save Money

The biggest way I have learned to save money is by moving into an apartment my sophomore year of college. When I was younger, my parents used to get on me about turning lights off, and keeping the AC/heat down. It used to bother me how much they got on me about it, but then I started paying for those things myself. I learned how to manage my money and cut down costs in my apartment by experiencing what it was like to live how I thought I needed/wanted to. It opened my eyes to how much everything costs in the “real world”. Since living on my own, I have learned how to turn off lights when not using them, keep the AC/heat at a reasonable level. It taught me that by saving money on things like that, I could do things I really wanted to do.

Don’t buy everything at face value

Money was not highly discussed in my household growing up. We couponed at the grocery store, but we still did fun things. I played sports, so did my siblings. We went on family vacations occasionally. Since getting older, I have taught myself how to manage my money based on what I want to do with it, bills, and how much I make. I feel like my mother gave me a good foundation of managing money by showing me that you do not have to buy everything at face value.

Couponing is an easy way to save money, and still get what you want. The biggest tip I have learned in college is allowing yourself some give and take. For example, if I were to go out to eat on a Tuesday, I could not buy myself a shirt until my next paycheck. If my bills were a little bit higher this month, then I stayed home instead of going out one night. This allows me to do the things I want, while still being responsible with my money.

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New parenthood means new responsibilities and new expenses. Keep it simple and less expensive by introducing some of these money-saving tips into your growing family’s life.

1. Breastfeed your baby.

Not only is this natural practice advised by experts and mothers alike for overall newborn health and growth benefits, nursing is absolutely free. An exclusive breast milk diet is recommended until the six-month mark, and a mixed diet of breast milk and soft, natural foods is encouraged throughout baby’s first year or longer. Nursing provides optimal nutrient benefits and special bonding time for mommy and child, all while saving money on formula costs.

2. Consider cloth diapers.

While disposable diapers are convenient, they’re expensive costing anywhere from $80-$150 per month during the first year. Cloth diapers are a viable alternative. Not only will you save over 60 percent on annual costs, you’ll save over a half ton of diaper garbage from going into landfills every year.

3. Make your own baby food.

Once your baby is ready for solid food, save money by making your own baby food. Puree your own with a blender or food processor to cut costs. There are also many health benefits of making your own baby food including cutting down on the amount of preservatives. Visit sites such as Wholesomebabyfood.com and Parents.com for plenty of cheap and nutritious baby food recipes.

4. Become coupon and sales-savvy.

Be sure to find ways to save on baby supplies such as diapers, clothes and baby food by looking for coupons on websites geared towards new parents, such as Diapers.com. Use these coupons on diapers or baby food during store sales to save even more.

5. Buy used or resale.

Keeping up with baby costs is almost as difficult as keeping up with baby clothes. Buying a new wardrobe for the baby every few months isn’t practical for growing families on a budget. Instead of investing in brand new clothing, try to buy the bulk of baby’s clothes pre-worn. Garage sales, craiglist.com and consignment shops are great resources for baby clothes and toys on a budget.

6. Shop in advance.

Before you know it, your baby will grow out of those tiny onesies and booties. Look forward to these transitions by purchasing clothes in advance and saving bundles in the long run. Watch for storewide and end-of-season sales at your favorite department stores.

7. Utilize free programs.

There are many free community events activities available for you and your baby. Take advantage of the programs in your area, such as story time at the library or bookshops, playtime at toy stores and baby yoga at wellness centers.

8. Become a member.

Many museums, science centers, aquariums and zoos offer free or discounted rates for infants and children under age two. Become a member of your family’s favorite institution to save on regular outings and city-wide events. These facilities often host family-friendly activities and classes for affordable entertainment and bonding experiences as well.

9. Stay at home.

New parents will soon find that extra-curricular time is reduced drastically once your baby is born. Consider spending your weekends entertaining at home rather than spending money to go out. Invite your friends over for game night, movie night, or cook-offs to keep your social life full and frugal.

10. Apply for assistance.

Government and privately funded programs are excellent resources for qualified families in financial need. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) program and Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) are just a few examples of many helpful programs for new parents and their newborns.

Don’t let unnecessary expenses add to your list of concerns as a new parent. Try some of these frugal, family-friendly tips today to keep your budget on track.

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Are you looking for some coupons? Coupons sometimes can help you to save up your budget for fulfilling your daily need. However, it will be difficult to get some coupons if we are not really trying hard to get it. Whoops! It is not a big deal, right? You might not worry because you can just go search in store grocery coupons. There are so many websites that offer the coupons for some daily needs which usually available in grocery stores.

One of the ways for you to get the discount in store grocery coupons is by accessing Walmart. Through its website, there are so many coupons that are available for you to get your needs in discount price. From its website, you can search based on the categories that you need.

The categories that are available on the website are Baby & Toddler, Beverages, Foods, Health Care, Household, Personal Care, Pet Care and Storage & Packaging. Is it so tremendous, right? Everything you need have coupons that will make you be easier to take some of them without any worry to burn your wallet.

Besides, you can also search some product trough Walmart in store grocery coupons by categorizing from its brands. There are most than fifty brands that are available with coupons. From Air Wick, Cascade, Diamond, Dunkin’ Donuts, L’Oreal Paris, Milo’s Kitchen, ORAL-B, Starbucks, VENUS, Ziploc and other brands are completely available.

You might be not worried that your needs cannot be covered because there are so complete. What make it is more wonderful is the coupons that will be given are almost have the discount up to 50% or even cut off the price. Then, you can just click on the coupons that you need and clipped it. Collect as many as you want!

For getting the coupons physically, you can just do some steps. First, choose the coupons that you want. You can click on the picture or if there is a box of click you can just click on it. After that, the coupons that are you selected have been clipped.

After that, if you are all finish to select your coupons you can just go to the option to print the coupons that you have in store grocery coupons. Make sure that the coupons that you have is still valid and can be used. At the last, the coupons have been on your hand.

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The existence of coupon blogs and websites is quite popular the days. It is because many people want to get discount to save more money when purchasing something. The customer will not refuse to use these kind of coupon. There will be reviewed further about the most popular coupon websites in the next section. Looking at the history, people will only get coupon from some magazines or even local newspaper.

They need to cut this coupon first in a few years ago. The development of technology has changed this condition. They now can find a lot of websites or blogs which offer various coupon discounts.

It is not difficult to get the advantages of coupon. The customer just needs to register for an account. This account can be used to save extra money while do online shopping. Among all coupon websites or blogs, one of the most popular coupon blogs is The Krazy Coupon Lady. This coupon blog is founded by Joanie and Heather.

They are now also becoming celebrities of certain television show. The Krazy Coupon Lady is bigger than just a blog. It provides so much content for the customer. Other than the content of coupon in this blog, there are also other content provided such as recipes and DIY crafts. As popular coupon blog, it also has very well design.

There is Southern Savers as the most popular coupon websites. This site has been founded by Jenny Martin. At first, this site is just one of regional coupon blog. Now it becomes national coupon blogs with the readers from many regions in the country. You can find very update news of coupon in this site. There is also tutorial content provided by this site to guide new couponers.

Southern Savers also has simple design which is quite pleasant to navigate the readers. Southern Savers has some social media as well. One of social media owned by this site is Youtube channel. This media becomes the highlight of Southern Savers.

The next websites which is included as the most popular coupon websites is Diskonio. This coupon website is founded by Mia Sarambuna. She has developed a very successful coupon site. This site engages the followers very well especially on Facebook and twitter.

The content of Diskonio is more unique if it is compared with other sites in the same field. This site also gives good offers to the customers. Regarding the design owned by diskonio, this site has more simple design with pink and white color scheme. The founder said that this kind of design will make the customer easier when visiting the blog.

Another popular coupon blog is Hip 2 Save. It has been founded by Collin Morgan. This site provides the readers with coupon content which is quite reliable. Hip 2 Save provides the information of giveaways and online deals as well. The huge followers of this site are on Facebook. The blog itself is designed with fun tone which makes the blog very playful. Hip 2 Save is included as the most popular coupon blogs as well.

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