Month: August 2020

Studying at a certain university can help a person’s career fate. Those who graduate from elite campuses are seen as having more potential in the world of work. Not only because of their name, several universities are known to produce quality graduates, especially since they have performed well from the start until they are accepted there. It is not surprising that these students will become rich people. Which universities have made the most billionaires?

Some universities have a reputation for being known to produce businessmen, politicians and other well-known individuals. Every year, Wealth-X research firm issues a list of campuses that produce the most successful alumni. This study took data from billionaires who were known to have graduated from university. They then estimated how many millionaires had graduated from there.

Populer Universities

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Based on research released by Wealth-X in 2019, nine out of 10 universities that make the most billionaires are located in the United States. Meanwhile, another university comes from England, namely Cambridge. Most of the successful graduates who are registered have a net worth of at least $ 30 million or around Rp.446 billion which is referred to as UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth Individual).

Several university names are familiar and often appear on the lists of the world’s best universities, such as Harvard and Stanford. There is also a university that dropped in the previous year’s list, namely Yale.

Most people probably think that all the graduates of the prestigious universities on this list have gotten rich because of their parents. However, based on research, 79% of UHNW from Harvard are billionaires who made their fortune from their own efforts. Meanwhile, 15% of billionaires achieve success because of a mixture of their own efforts and legacy. Meanwhile, only 6% became rich just because their parents gave them.

Here are 10 universities that generate the most billionaires:

1. Harvard University

2. Stanford University

3. University of Pennsylvania

4. Columbia University

5. New York University

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

7. University of Cambridge

8. Northwestern University

9. University of Southern California

10. University of Chicago

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During this pandemic, working from home is very dependent on using internet technology to do assignments and reports. You may have company email and personal email to send your report or assignment or for other purposes.

Nowadays cyber crime has so much that we must be extra careful to maintain the security of email accounts. Now there are various ways to check whether your email has been hacked or not. There are several sites you can go to to check. But before you check, you can also learn the methods provided by the site where you create an email to secure your account first.

Here are some sites that you can go to to check the security of your email whether it has been hacked or not.


This site is one of the most well-known sites to check your email security status. The method is very easy to check. You just enter your email address in the column provided and in a few seconds your email status will come out whether it has been hacked or not.

If your account has been hacked or is insecure, you will be notified where your account was hacked or what sites you have registered and the site has been compromised for security.

Firefox Monitor

The way it works is almost the same as the previous site. You just have to visit the site then enter your email address in the column provided and you will know your email status whether it has been hacked or not.

This site is quite detailed in providing information about your email security status. Via email, avast will notify you of what sites are connected to your email that has been hacked, how many times the email has leaked on social media or e-commerce.

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