Month: May 2020

In the midst of this pandemic, it is undeniable that the unemployment rate continues to grow. Uncertainty, when the vaccine or drug for the Sars-Cov-2 virus was found, made the economy sluggish. Companies began to streamline employees to cover operational costs because of declining revenues during COVID -19.

However, if you are one of the employees who have been laid off, you don’t have to be hopeless. Keep doing health protocols while you work or work at home. It’s not easy to start your own business. Besides you have to pay taxes, you need capital. But it turns out, not everything you produce or get taxable. Quoted from Forbes, here are 10 non-taxable income.

Fund from GoFundMe or another fun campaign

Assuming there is no business purpose or other non-donor intent, funds received by fundraising campaigns like GoFundMe are not taxable. The donations would be considered gifts: there are no consideration given in returns, no rendered services, no products being touted (there are no premiums for donations, and it doesn’t fit the crowd funding for business models). The result can be different when crowd funding is used for business or investment purposes.

Child Support Payment

Some parents are hesitant to seek out a child support order because, among other things, they fear the extra check would add to taxable income and reduce other benefits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). While alimony may have tax consequences (depending on the timing), child support is completely tax-neutral, meaning that there is no deduction to the payor, and it’s not taxable to the recipient.

Short Term Rental Income

 If you rent out your personal residence for less than 15 days in a year, you need not report any of the rental income for federal income tax purposes (nor do you deduct any expenses as rental expenses).

Kiddie income

The general rule for children and other dependents is that if income is earned (salary or wages through full-or part-time employment), it is taxed at the child’s tax rate, which means that income under the filing threshold is not taxable. For 2020, what’s old is new again since the SECURE Act repealed the more draconian kiddie tax rules put in place under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TJCA).

Dependent care benefits.

Benefits made available by your employer in the form of a dependent care assistance plan (DCAP) or dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) are not taxable so long as the employer contributions do not exceed $ 5,000 ($ 2,500 if married filing separately).

Health savings accounts (HSA).

If you are an eligible individual, you and any other person, including your employer or a family member, can make contributions to your HSA; those contributions are not included in your income. Additionally, when you take the money out to pay for qualified medical expenses, it’s not included in your income. There is additional flexibility in some plans as a result of the pandemic; check with your HR person for more.

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During this pandemic, several countries gave policies in the economic fields to maintain the stability of the countries in the business and economic fields. One of them is in the field of domestic and foreign trade. The US government also took several policy steps to maintain economic stability in the trade sector. This policy was taken after considering several things to maintain business and economic stability in the country.

One very real policy is the inclusion of several Chinese companies on the blacklist. The company was included with the reasons behind everything. The US Commerce Department’s move marks the Trump administration’s latest effort to crack down on companies whose products can support China’s military activities. At the same time, punishing Beijing for its treatment of the Muslim minority.

The Reason

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Reporting from Reuters, the US Department of Commerce noted that Seven companies and 2 institutions were involved in human rights violations and violations carried out in the Chinese suppression campaign, arbitrary mass detention, forced labor, and high-tech surveillance of Uighurs. The blacklisted companies are companies that focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and face recognition, where US companies such as Nvidia Corp and Intel Corp have invested heavily in it.

The List Of The Companies

Among the blacklisted companies, the name NetPosa was called. NetPosa is one of the well-known AI companies in China, whose face recognition is associated with Muslim surveillance. Then there is Qihoo360, a large cybersecurity company that was expelled from Nasdaq in 2015. Qihoo360 recently made headlines because it claimed to have found evidence of a CIA hacking tool used to target China’s aviation sector.

Furthermore, a company called CloudMinds was also blacklisted. The company, which receives financial support from Softbank Group Corp, operates cloud-based services to run robots such as Pepper’s version, a humanoid robot capable of simple communication. In fact, CloudMinds has been blocked since last year for transferring technology or technical information from a US unit to its office in Beijing.

“Xilinx is aware of the recent addition of (the company to the blacklist) of the Department of Commerce. We are evaluating any potential business impact. We comply with the rules and regulations of the new US Department of Commerce,” the company said. “Xilinx is aware of the recent addition of (the company to the blacklist) of the Department of Commerce. We are evaluating any potential business impact.

We comply with the rules and regulations of the new US Department of Commerce,” the company said. For information, the US Department of Commerce’s actions followed a similar action that occurred in October 2019. At that time, the US included 28 Chinese public security bureaus and companies, including several start-up companies AI and video surveillance company Hikvision.

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When you hear the word budget, what do you have in mind? Some people interpret it as a ‘bond’ for their money, some who have lived accustomed to the budget consider it as freedom. Why can there be two different points of view? Of course this speaks of discipline and insight that change someone’s mindset about how they use their money wisely.

In the new normal life after the independent quarantine is opened, you can draw lessons or even use this opportunity to spend your money to just eat dinner at a restaurant and shop for new clothes, because you feel you don’t need to be quarantined anymore. So here are some tips to keeping you on a budget from Rachel Cruz a seasoned communicator and #1 New York Times best-selling author, helping people learn the proper way to handle money and stay out of debt.

1. Budget to zero before the month begins.

This means before the month even starts, you’re making a plan and giving every dollar a name. Zero-based budgeting is a way of budgeting where your income minus your expenses equals zero. With a zero-based budget, you have to make sure your expenses match your income during the month. That way you’re giving every dollar that’s coming in a job to do. Let’s say you earn $3,000 a month. Everything you spend, save, give or invest should to add up to $3,000. That way you know exactly where every one of your hard-earned dollars is going. You could be setting yourself up for disaster if you don’t know where your money is going each month. It’s no fun to look up one day and find out you have no money—and no clue—where it all went!

2. Do the budget together.

If you’re married, sit down once a month and have a family budgeting a night. Grab some of your favorite snacks and put on a good playlist to help you focus. You need to get on the same page with money, so set goals together and dream about what the future will look like. Remember: If the two of you are one, your bank accounts should be one too! It’s no longer your money or my money—it’s our money. And if you’re single, find someone who can act as your accountability partner and help you stick to your goals!

3. Start with the most important categories first.

Because every month you have different expenses, for example this month you have to pay school fee, or like back-to-school supplies or routine car maintenance. Other months you’ll be saving for things like vacations, birthdays and holidays. Regardless of the occasion, make sure you prepare for those expenses in the budget. Don’t let these special occasions sneak up on you. Be sure to adjust your budget each month as things change. Make a savings fund you can stash cash in throughout the year. When you don’t have a plan, you’re going to be stressed. And that takes all the fun out of giving and celebrating. No one wants that!


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Honestly, almost all over people in the world today face difficult situation. Moody’s rating agency said, the financial impact of the corona virus has been felt in several major corporate sectors. “Sectors that depend on trade and free movement of the most exposed people, such as airline passengers, shipping, and lodging and holidays include shipping lanes and restaurants,” said Benjamin Nelson, Moodys Vice President and Senior Credit Officer who wrote this report.

Many advisors, particularly younger advisors working in solo practices, can be more susceptible to stress, given the isolation of their practices to begin with. Many are staying sane by simply turning to other advisors to commiserate. Lisa Kirchenbauer, founder and president of Omega Wealth Management in Arlington said she found balance in exercise and walks outdoors, as well as meditation. “Everything is so fluid right now, every day is something new and changing,” said Kirchenbauer. So, there are some steps you need to do to help your financial health still sane during this pandemic.

Revisit your wealth plan with a professional

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If their office is closed, you can make an appointment with them to meeting online. To help you reduce your anxiety about your plan you need to seek their advice. Hold firmly your asset allocation. See that you are always well-connected to your assets and can access the digital tools available from your financial institution to help you navigate your portfolio from home.

Consider A Roth IRA Conversion

Your financial adviser can help you determine if this strategy makes sense for you. The market stress and the potential drop of personal income will for 2020 makes a Roth conversion a top consideration for many people according to MarketWatch website.

Stop Using You Credit Card

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In a pandemic that makes things change and are uncertain, you must stop using your credit card for non-essential expenses. Control the use of your credit card. And start thinking about investing more. Control monthly expenses and notice on your bill that unproductive spending must be stopped now.

Don’t Be Panic Buying

You do not live alone. You still have a family, friends, even all the people in your city have household needs too. Even your needs may vary from family to family, you must also consider the needs of others. Piling up too much food can result in your food becoming redundant. The government has given information that the food stock is sufficient. So you don’t need to pile up food that can later become wasteful and thrown away. You want to save money but instead, be a waste.

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In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a choice that must be made by people around the world to close its spread. The death toll has reached tens of thousands of people worldwide and has infected around 2.8 million according to WHO data as of 27 April 2020.

Determination of staying at home and doing work from home activities, school from home bus can cause stress from home. A review from The Lancet found quarantine was associated with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), confusion and anger.

Some studies also show this effect lasts long. PTSD itself is a posttraumatic stress disorder, a psychological disorder that occurs after experiencing an unpleasant event or trauma. Some famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Adelle admit that they have experienced such mental disorders. To overcome this mental disorder, a psychologist Sue Firth suggests the following things.

Stay Connected with Others

You can use video calls to family, friends, or your friends. This can make your mind not easily stressed and they share their situation with you. Establish relationships with people close to you can make your mind become more relaxed and even release the tension in your mind. Sharing the facts about COVID-19. Understanding the risk to yourself and people you care about can make an outbreak less stressful.

Doing Light Sports

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When you feel bored while you are at home, do light exercise or open the internet looking for easy dance moves that are easy for you to learn. Body movements can be a mood booster where blood flow becomes smooth, you also get good health benefits. Light movements help you also become more relaxed and forget for a moment the burden of thoughts accumulating in your head.

Learn New Skills

There are many online course offers that you can take to get new experiences or new skills. Take this opportunity to develop yourself and heal your trauma or stress. This new skill will help you in the future. Learning something new will give you something positive for you, so you not only forget the stress or things that make you stressed.

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It is not easy for some companies to implement work from home. Factories and retail trading companies are one of them. For those of you who are given new rules from the company to work from home, here are some surefire tricks from them.

Plan the System

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Work from home for the long term like two to four weeks needs to be planned a mature system of the interests of the company and workers. To start the work system from home, the company is advised to participate in the draft shift division, daily deadline time and other rules. Especially for employees who are accustomed to working ‘9 to 5’, they need clear guidelines on the job description to be more productive from home.

Strong Communication

A very important point if the company wants to work from home is to establish clear communication between workers and managers. If lack of communication is one of the reasons the ‘WFH’ system is less successful. Group chat for daily discussions is the easiest thing to do on a daily basis. Managers and leaders are required to have meetings per week or at least per month. Work targets really need to be informed to motivate ‘WFH’ workers.

Training Manager

It’s very important to be able to check on staff every day. For this reason, it is necessary to make different rules. this is also the reason why applying training to managers as well as improving the management system.

Start it With Practice

Before actually using the WFH system, companies can initiate training first. The ‘education and training’ program will not only give workers time to try and get used to it but also to find faults and mistakes. When the right system is found it will certainly be easier to run it.


One of the best companies that successfully implemented WFH is Humma. To Forbes, the Humma representative said that their commitment was to health and well-being that started from the workplace as a company, they continued to support their work rules more flexibly over time. From flexible times to ‘remote’ accommodations so their workers are equipped to work in an environment where they are their best. After designing the system, do the exercises to actually apply ‘Work From Home’ don’t forget to evaluate.

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Some online shopping sites provide special promotional programs for existing customers. If you are already a member of the site, you can get it directly on online shopping sites or special sites that provide promo codes for you to get discounts or attractive offers from your shopping place.

You can find the promo code for you to enter later in the box that is available when you checkout. You can get the promo code on some of the sites below.


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Visit this site and add to your list to get promo coded from Wish. This site has thousand promo code that you can use to save more when you shop at Wish site. Find updated promo code and just make sure you don’t lose your chance to get the new promo code to get discounted price that will save your hole in your wallet.

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According to the new marketing research, 92% marketer now place high value on social media. If you have social media dan get bored only to view status updating, photos, videos of your family and friends, why don’t you think about to make it more productive.

The result of marketing research above is one of indicator that modern business today use social media platform as a tool to promote, sell, and many other kind of business activity that you can do on social media. So, here are some ways to you can make your social media more productive.

Gain More Followers

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To achieve more followers, the general rule is to follow people first ( a portion will follow back). But you must make sure they will continuously follow you and interested every content of your status updating. You can also search some services that offer a number of followers, but choose quality. There are many services like this, but usually people still see this fake account or indeed the original.

Determine What Kind Of Business You Want

There are a lot of business you can do on internet, especially on social media. A mother of two trying to make her motherhood not boring, stressful, etc, had succeed to get thousands followers on Facebook and Instagram when she bravely open her thought and daily activities with funny videos sometimes. Many people affect by the content of social media. Choose what kind of business you want and you will decide the content.

Schedule Your Productive Content

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You can inform to your followers that you will publish content about your business you want to start. Openness to your followers will make them feel more closer to you. Invite them with seductive message so they will more interactive to you. They will thinking not just as your ‘customers’ but also as your friend, it will give you double gain.

More Active With Your Followers

The biggest fault in social media marketing is if you think you are number one and only active to your content to post it on your social media by yourself. Be more active to your follower status updating. Care to them. Give comments, give likes, show you are care to them. Make realtionship with them especially to your family and friends. remember that your family and friends circle will bring good moves to your business. They can be your ‘power of mouth’ to your customer in their circle of friends on social media.

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To deal with the spread of Covid 19, most countries in the world establish independent quarantine at home. As long as you have to work, study and do all the activities at home, of course household expenses continue to run. At a time like this, it’s a good idea to save money on household expenses during the quarantine period in your home. The good side of you having to stay home during the stipulation period of the Government is that you can save on transportation expenses.

Here are some ways that you can use to save your expenses as long as you have to live and work from home.

1. Turn off the lights when not in use


This simple thing is often forgotten. Did you know that by turning off one light in your home, you can save electricity. Two 100 watt incandescent lamps which are turned off for two extra hours per day can save 15 US dollars per year or around Rp245 thousand (exchange rate Rp16,354). If you want to save even more, you can switch to the type of LED lights to reduce your electricity costs. Without you realizing you also contribute to the maintenance of our earth by saving electricity. .

You can also use natural lighting during the day. Open your window, turn off the lights other than at night. If you fall asleep, don’t forget to turn off the sleep lights in your room too.

2. Turn off the water

Cover the water tap after use and before use. If you wash your hands, don’t let water run while you rub with soap. Reduce the flow of water so that the flow of water that comes out is not too much. Try to take a shower not too long. Clean your whole body parts without having to discharge water through your tap as long as you shower.

3. Pay your installments

Try to pay your installments before maturity. Fines will result in you having to pay unnecessary fees and in the midst of this crisis, you should keep your name in the relevant Financial Services Authority if in the future you need your funds not constrained in your credit score.

4. Save Food Stock

Avoid going out every day just shopping for food daily. Shop for food stock for about a week or two. You can store it in the refrigerator and freezer for food ingredients that can be frozen. Suppose you buy a potato, you can fry it dry, and store it in the freezer. Likewise, meat, fish and seafood. Make sure all your food items have been washed with soap first.

5. Stop smoking

Besides you save money on your monthly expenses, this also helps maintain your health. As much as possible you reduce smoking even quitting will be even better. You love yourself and those around you.

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During the independent quarantine period in your home where you have to apply this social distancing, shopping for basic household needs must be fulfilled because you cannot go shopping as you wish during the Corona outbreak. It is still unknown when this pandemic ends, so as long as this period is still ongoing, it helps you to pay attention to your safety while shopping in public places where you inevitably have to meet people.

The following shopping guide during the Corona virus pandemic.

1. Make a Shopping Note

This is very important so that you don’t have to linger over what ingredients you should store in your home. It’s a good idea to prepare your grocery list from home so you can just check the list one by one.

2. Avoid shopping at rush hour

It’s better if you avoid the hours that you know will be a lot of people coming to shop. Based on observations from experts, rush hours start on weekends and in the afternoon around 4 pm until the night the supermarket closes. If you want to avoid these rush hours, come early when the supermarket is just open and avoid shopping at the beginning of the weekend, such as Friday and Saturday.

3. Shopping alone


If you are a parent and have small children, try not to take them, if you don’t have someone at home to look after them, you can leave your groceries to other members of your family. It would be very risky if you bring your child to shop at the supermarket.

4. Bring disinfectant liquid and hand sanitizer

Provide in a small bottle that you can spray on your hands for hand sanitizers. For disinfectant liquid, it can be sprayed on the part that is often touched by people such as food baskets, handles on basket handles or supermarket trolleys It’s not the best thing to wash your hands with soap, so after arriving home, you should immediately wash your hands with soap. Hand sanitizers only contain at most 70 percent alcohol which is only used when in public places and in emergencies.

5. Apply social distancing

As long as you shop for groceries at the supermarket, apply the distance between you and other people who shop closest to 1 meter, as well as the cashier. This method is so that you prevent close to people who have been infected without us knowing.

6. Use Non-Cash payments (Cashless)

This is very important. The use of debit and credit cards tends to be less risky. If the cashier is finished swiping your card, you should immediately clean it with a cleaning tissue that contains alcohol. But if you are forced to use cash, make sure you clean your hands immediately with a hand sanitizer after the payment transaction and do not touch the area of ​​your face afterwards.

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