Month: January 2017

When it is time for you to choose one of the many corporate speakers your speakers’ agency presents to you, there is one simple question you should ask. How will the corporate speaker change the thinking of the people in the audience?

Remember that the audience can consist of a variety of groups. It could be the employees in a company, it could be an association with members working in a particular industry, or it could be simply the members of a particular department within your corporation or company. But the key is finding a speaker who will know exactly to whom they are speaking. The presentation depends a great deal on who is listening. So when you choose a speaker, having someone from outside the group is usually the best one to convey your message. Of course knowing what your message is can seriously improve your chances of finding the right speaker.

Just what is it you want to achieve?

Once you know the answer to that first question you’re well on the way to selecting the ideal corporate speaker. Knowing the message you want to get across, you then need to think what medium you will choose to do that. It could be using social media or it could be in a booklet or brochure which you produce. Or, as is the case in this situation about corporate speakers, it could be as a result of a meeting at which a prominent and well selected speaker puts across your message.

Lets face it; one of the best ways of inspiring and educating humans is by another human. When a group of people are looking at a film or reading a document, they don’t get the same message, they don’t have the same form of inspiration which comes from a fellow human being. That’s where the choice of a speaker is so important.

The speaker leaves but the message lingers

He or she will almost invariably be a guest at your function. They will arrive on the day of the event, deliver their presentation and then leave. But the best corporate speakers are the ones who leave behind those intangible yet highly valuable benefits.

The best way to get people to take action, to react to something is to have them be part of an activity where a speaker delivers an inspirational address. This is where your choice of speaker is so important. Of course they need to know the message you want to convey and the type of people who make up the audience, but they also need to inspire the listening audience. Work with a professional speakers’ agency and use their expertise to solve your problem.

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Most people do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan. Written goals will give you a blueprint or a road map of where you are to where you want to go.

Several years ago a  class at the Harvard Business school was surveyed at the time of graduation. The survey indicated that only ten percent of the class had written goals. Ten years later another survey was conducted from the same class and the results were amazing.

The ten percent that had written goals outearned the other 90 percent. You can get to any destination as long as you have a roadmap of how to get there. You would not go on a trip in your car to someplace new without a roadmap or a GPS for today’s version of road maps.

Proper training of the products and services that you will be offering will also be critical to your success as well. It may be that you will need to work on yourself and change some of your self-talk. Most people do not even realize they have self-talk, much less do anything about it.

The subject was two words that will ensure your success. Once you set your goals, develop yourself, become educated on your products and services and become a product of the product all is left is Don’t quit.

Most people will quit just at the time when they are going to have success. You must remember that in business, you will have more failures than successes. Or to put in terms of winning and losing, you will have a losing record.

I have listened to a lot of business people who have been very successful at what they do. Most everyone has mentioned that they have not really done anything different or special, they have just failed more times than anyone else.

Most professional athletes have failed more times than they have succeeded. A baseball player will strike out more times than they will hit a home run. A golfer will lose more golf tournaments than they win.

Do they quit?  No they do not. Why do people start a business and quit. They are not prepared for the rejection and in some cases they quit because of the fear of rejection. I would recommend that you put all fears aside and simply put yourself into your business and do not look back.

If all of the famous inventors had quit after a few tries, our life today would not be as enjoyable. Thomas Edison failed almost 1,000 times. Henry Ford was made fun of for inventing the automobile.  These guys turned out fine didn’t they?

If anyone is making fun of you or ridiculing you, do you really need the advice of those people? Would you want to get financial advice from someone who is homeless. Would you seek medical help from a lawyer? No you would not, so surround yourself with like minded people.

There is a lot of information available to you. I would find someone that you can relate to. Possibly you have some similar circumstances as some of the great teachers of today have had. Most came from very humble beginnings and some were even at the point of being broke. So nothing is impossible to overcome as long as you don’t quit.

You can achieve anything you desire, so keep pushing yourself each and every day and Don’t Quit.

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What Michael Douglas said in the movie, Wall Street, ‘Greed is good”, holds true for a very short time. After a while, people can see through your game and quit on you. This does not imply that money is evil. On the contrary, it is one of the fundamental needs, not more or less than trust, relationship, love and freedom.

Customer relationship is crucial

For any business to succeed, retaining an old customer carries immense value and is even more important than acquiring a new customer. The only way you can hold on to your existing customer is by building a relationship of trust and value. Nobody in his right mind expects a free service or product, but everybody is justified in expecting value for money they spend. Once they realize that you have delivered on your promise and gone out of the way to make them feel comfortable doing business with you, it becomes quite easy to build a strong relationship.

Always think long term

Being short sighted in business and chasing profits by unscrupulous means is akin to committing business suicide. The early days may not be very rewarding financially, but if you care to think of a long term goal and concentrate on consolidating your customer base, it eventually pays off handsomely. Always look at the larger picture and strive to reach higher goals. The struggle may be very tough and frustrating when you start out, but will be well worth it when you hit your long term goals.

Transparency and honesty is very valuable

The fine prints and hidden costs, which many companies resort to in the marketplace, may fool people for some time, but when word spreads, it can damage the business very badly. In the garb of helping people, if you lure them in with the promise of solving their pressing problems and take them for a ride, it can cost your business dearly. Customers and business associates would love to do business with you if your business conduct is above board, your transparency crystal clear, your honest effort and sincerity in solving their problem very evident. Once you come across as someone competent, knowledgeable, honest and transparent, they will even pay you more than your competitor who may not have all these qualities.

Show genuine interest in problem solving

Don’t just pretend to be interested in solving someone’s problems, because you will eventually get caught, waste other person’s time and money and make him or her angry beyond salvage. If you want to win someone over for the rest of his life, you must make genuine effort, show real concern and take pains to solve problems and it will pay off in the future.

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