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During this pandemic, working from home is very dependent on using internet technology to do assignments and reports. You may have company email and personal email to send your report or assignment or for other purposes.

Nowadays cyber crime has so much that we must be extra careful to maintain the security of email accounts. Now there are various ways to check whether your email has been hacked or not. There are several sites you can go to to check. But before you check, you can also learn the methods provided by the site where you create an email to secure your account first.

Here are some sites that you can go to to check the security of your email whether it has been hacked or not.


This site is one of the most well-known sites to check your email security status. The method is very easy to check. You just enter your email address in the column provided and in a few seconds your email status will come out whether it has been hacked or not.

If your account has been hacked or is insecure, you will be notified where your account was hacked or what sites you have registered and the site has been compromised for security.

Firefox Monitor

The way it works is almost the same as the previous site. You just have to visit the site then enter your email address in the column provided and you will know your email status whether it has been hacked or not.

This site is quite detailed in providing information about your email security status. Via email, avast will notify you of what sites are connected to your email that has been hacked, how many times the email has leaked on social media or e-commerce.

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It’s not a big sin to use a credit card to pay for groceries. However, you should be wise to use it so as not to get wrapped up in credit card debt.

It’s legitimate if you use a credit card as a means of payment. Because, you can benefit when dealing with credit cards.

For example, you have the opportunity to get a 30% discount at dinner in certain restaurants. Or, you can get 0% installment facility when buying a smart phone at certain outlets

Budi Raharjo, One Shildt’s Financial Planner said that credit cards can secure your cash flow. Because, you do not need to spend when there are sudden expenses. For example, you can use it to pay for hospital bills.

However, you must remember that credit cards are debt, not additional income. So, you must pay the debt.

So here are 4 ways you have to do so that you will not get into trouble using credit card.

Pay the bill fully

The first step you must do is pay credit card bills fully. The goal, so that you do not have to bear the interest bills in the following month.

If you do not complete the debt payment on time. You will certainly lose money because you have to pay interest on the bill in the next billing month.

Do not use a credit card before the bill is paid off

The second step, you should not use a credit card if the bill has not been paid off.

That way your bills do not continue to swell in the following months.

Pay bills before the due date

The third step, you must pay the credit card bill before the due date. That way you don’t have to pay late fees.

Budi recommends that you pay your bills before the billing date so that you do not incur interest on credit card bills.

“Make sure you have enough money to pay the bills before using a credit card,” Budi said.

Diligently check and recheck the value of using a credit card

The fourth step, you should routinely check the amount of credit card usage.

Then, think about whether you can afford to pay off all bills before the due date.

If you feel the charge is too large, then you should stop dealing with the credit card.

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When returning to your workplace after working from home during quarantine at home, life at your workplace will never be the same again. During this pandemic, we will live the New Normal life until the epidemic ends in total, at least there is already a drug or vaccine for the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Every country in the world has slowly opened the lockdown but with a health protocol that must still be followed to prevent transmission of the Corona virus. This also applies in the workplace or offices. The following are some types of changes in New Normal Life at work or offices.

Bring Your Own Food

This does not mean you cannot eat in an office canteen or restaurant that is open near your office. But there will be strict protocols, such as social distancing, there is a maximum of people in the canteen or restaurant. This also means you bring your own cutlery because you certainly will not want to share cutlery with other people during this pandemic, right?

To avoid sharing cutlery and those who sneeze in front of you while you eat, bring your own food is the best choice in this New Normal period. You don’t need to share your cutlery with other people and of course you know the cooking process from lunch that you bring yourself from your home. You are also more efficient if you bring your own lunch from home.

Online Meeting

In the New Normal era as a result of this pandemic, holding meetings online will become common and normal. Until the situation is considered safe, even meetings can be conducted via video call even though the workers have entered the office. Online meetings will become a ‘new normal’ that needs to be familiarized with.

More Individuals

Even though the lockdown has been opened, the isolation period may continue on a smaller scale. At least everyone is asked not to gather, go to crowded places on a large scale or share things until the virus has completely died down. In any office, workers will be asked to bring their own cutlery and even write. If you previously could have lunch with your office friend or joke around during breaks, it might be different in this New Normal application. You might still be able to socialize with your colleagues but within a safe distance and it might be more comfortable if you do it online through social media only.

Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer

If you washed your hands only when you went to the bathroom, now you may do it more often while in the office. You and your colleagues will be more diligent in cleaning your office desk even though there is a cleaning service in your office. Hand sanitizer will also be a mandatory item in your current briefcase. Some countries have even made hand sanitizer machines without touch to make them more hygienic.

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During this pandemic, several countries gave policies in the economic fields to maintain the stability of the countries in the business and economic fields. One of them is in the field of domestic and foreign trade. The US government also took several policy steps to maintain economic stability in the trade sector. This policy was taken after considering several things to maintain business and economic stability in the country.

One very real policy is the inclusion of several Chinese companies on the blacklist. The company was included with the reasons behind everything. The US Commerce Department’s move marks the Trump administration’s latest effort to crack down on companies whose products can support China’s military activities. At the same time, punishing Beijing for its treatment of the Muslim minority.

The Reason

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Reporting from Reuters, the US Department of Commerce noted that Seven companies and 2 institutions were involved in human rights violations and violations carried out in the Chinese suppression campaign, arbitrary mass detention, forced labor, and high-tech surveillance of Uighurs. The blacklisted companies are companies that focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and face recognition, where US companies such as Nvidia Corp and Intel Corp have invested heavily in it.

The List Of The Companies

Among the blacklisted companies, the name NetPosa was called. NetPosa is one of the well-known AI companies in China, whose face recognition is associated with Muslim surveillance. Then there is Qihoo360, a large cybersecurity company that was expelled from Nasdaq in 2015. Qihoo360 recently made headlines because it claimed to have found evidence of a CIA hacking tool used to target China’s aviation sector.

Furthermore, a company called CloudMinds was also blacklisted. The company, which receives financial support from Softbank Group Corp, operates cloud-based services to run robots such as Pepper’s version, a humanoid robot capable of simple communication. In fact, CloudMinds has been blocked since last year for transferring technology or technical information from a US unit to its office in Beijing.

“Xilinx is aware of the recent addition of (the company to the blacklist) of the Department of Commerce. We are evaluating any potential business impact. We comply with the rules and regulations of the new US Department of Commerce,” the company said. “Xilinx is aware of the recent addition of (the company to the blacklist) of the Department of Commerce. We are evaluating any potential business impact.

We comply with the rules and regulations of the new US Department of Commerce,” the company said. For information, the US Department of Commerce’s actions followed a similar action that occurred in October 2019. At that time, the US included 28 Chinese public security bureaus and companies, including several start-up companies AI and video surveillance company Hikvision.

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When you hear the word budget, what do you have in mind? Some people interpret it as a ‘bond’ for their money, some who have lived accustomed to the budget consider it as freedom. Why can there be two different points of view? Of course this speaks of discipline and insight that change someone’s mindset about how they use their money wisely.

In the new normal life after the independent quarantine is opened, you can draw lessons or even use this opportunity to spend your money to just eat dinner at a restaurant and shop for new clothes, because you feel you don’t need to be quarantined anymore. So here are some tips to keeping you on a budget from Rachel Cruz a seasoned communicator and #1 New York Times best-selling author, helping people learn the proper way to handle money and stay out of debt.

1. Budget to zero before the month begins.

This means before the month even starts, you’re making a plan and giving every dollar a name. Zero-based budgeting is a way of budgeting where your income minus your expenses equals zero. With a zero-based budget, you have to make sure your expenses match your income during the month. That way you’re giving every dollar that’s coming in a job to do. Let’s say you earn $3,000 a month. Everything you spend, save, give or invest should to add up to $3,000. That way you know exactly where every one of your hard-earned dollars is going. You could be setting yourself up for disaster if you don’t know where your money is going each month. It’s no fun to look up one day and find out you have no money—and no clue—where it all went!

2. Do the budget together.

If you’re married, sit down once a month and have a family budgeting a night. Grab some of your favorite snacks and put on a good playlist to help you focus. You need to get on the same page with money, so set goals together and dream about what the future will look like. Remember: If the two of you are one, your bank accounts should be one too! It’s no longer your money or my money—it’s our money. And if you’re single, find someone who can act as your accountability partner and help you stick to your goals!

3. Start with the most important categories first.

Because every month you have different expenses, for example this month you have to pay school fee, or like back-to-school supplies or routine car maintenance. Other months you’ll be saving for things like vacations, birthdays and holidays. Regardless of the occasion, make sure you prepare for those expenses in the budget. Don’t let these special occasions sneak up on you. Be sure to adjust your budget each month as things change. Make a savings fund you can stash cash in throughout the year. When you don’t have a plan, you’re going to be stressed. And that takes all the fun out of giving and celebrating. No one wants that!


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In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a choice that must be made by people around the world to close its spread. The death toll has reached tens of thousands of people worldwide and has infected around 2.8 million according to WHO data as of 27 April 2020.

Determination of staying at home and doing work from home activities, school from home bus can cause stress from home. A review from The Lancet found quarantine was associated with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), confusion and anger.

Some studies also show this effect lasts long. PTSD itself is a posttraumatic stress disorder, a psychological disorder that occurs after experiencing an unpleasant event or trauma. Some famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato and Adelle admit that they have experienced such mental disorders. To overcome this mental disorder, a psychologist Sue Firth suggests the following things.

Stay Connected with Others

You can use video calls to family, friends, or your friends. This can make your mind not easily stressed and they share their situation with you. Establish relationships with people close to you can make your mind become more relaxed and even release the tension in your mind. Sharing the facts about COVID-19. Understanding the risk to yourself and people you care about can make an outbreak less stressful.

Doing Light Sports

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When you feel bored while you are at home, do light exercise or open the internet looking for easy dance moves that are easy for you to learn. Body movements can be a mood booster where blood flow becomes smooth, you also get good health benefits. Light movements help you also become more relaxed and forget for a moment the burden of thoughts accumulating in your head.

Learn New Skills

There are many online course offers that you can take to get new experiences or new skills. Take this opportunity to develop yourself and heal your trauma or stress. This new skill will help you in the future. Learning something new will give you something positive for you, so you not only forget the stress or things that make you stressed.

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According to the new marketing research, 92% marketer now place high value on social media. If you have social media dan get bored only to view status updating, photos, videos of your family and friends, why don’t you think about to make it more productive.

The result of marketing research above is one of indicator that modern business today use social media platform as a tool to promote, sell, and many other kind of business activity that you can do on social media. So, here are some ways to you can make your social media more productive.

Gain More Followers

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To achieve more followers, the general rule is to follow people first ( a portion will follow back). But you must make sure they will continuously follow you and interested every content of your status updating. You can also search some services that offer a number of followers, but choose quality. There are many services like this, but usually people still see this fake account or indeed the original.

Determine What Kind Of Business You Want

There are a lot of business you can do on internet, especially on social media. A mother of two trying to make her motherhood not boring, stressful, etc, had succeed to get thousands followers on Facebook and Instagram when she bravely open her thought and daily activities with funny videos sometimes. Many people affect by the content of social media. Choose what kind of business you want and you will decide the content.

Schedule Your Productive Content

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You can inform to your followers that you will publish content about your business you want to start. Openness to your followers will make them feel more closer to you. Invite them with seductive message so they will more interactive to you. They will thinking not just as your ‘customers’ but also as your friend, it will give you double gain.

More Active With Your Followers

The biggest fault in social media marketing is if you think you are number one and only active to your content to post it on your social media by yourself. Be more active to your follower status updating. Care to them. Give comments, give likes, show you are care to them. Make realtionship with them especially to your family and friends. remember that your family and friends circle will bring good moves to your business. They can be your ‘power of mouth’ to your customer in their circle of friends on social media.

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During the independent quarantine period in your home where you have to apply this social distancing, shopping for basic household needs must be fulfilled because you cannot go shopping as you wish during the Corona outbreak. It is still unknown when this pandemic ends, so as long as this period is still ongoing, it helps you to pay attention to your safety while shopping in public places where you inevitably have to meet people.

The following shopping guide during the Corona virus pandemic.

1. Make a Shopping Note

This is very important so that you don’t have to linger over what ingredients you should store in your home. It’s a good idea to prepare your grocery list from home so you can just check the list one by one.

2. Avoid shopping at rush hour

It’s better if you avoid the hours that you know will be a lot of people coming to shop. Based on observations from experts, rush hours start on weekends and in the afternoon around 4 pm until the night the supermarket closes. If you want to avoid these rush hours, come early when the supermarket is just open and avoid shopping at the beginning of the weekend, such as Friday and Saturday.

3. Shopping alone


If you are a parent and have small children, try not to take them, if you don’t have someone at home to look after them, you can leave your groceries to other members of your family. It would be very risky if you bring your child to shop at the supermarket.

4. Bring disinfectant liquid and hand sanitizer

Provide in a small bottle that you can spray on your hands for hand sanitizers. For disinfectant liquid, it can be sprayed on the part that is often touched by people such as food baskets, handles on basket handles or supermarket trolleys It’s not the best thing to wash your hands with soap, so after arriving home, you should immediately wash your hands with soap. Hand sanitizers only contain at most 70 percent alcohol which is only used when in public places and in emergencies.

5. Apply social distancing

As long as you shop for groceries at the supermarket, apply the distance between you and other people who shop closest to 1 meter, as well as the cashier. This method is so that you prevent close to people who have been infected without us knowing.

6. Use Non-Cash payments (Cashless)

This is very important. The use of debit and credit cards tends to be less risky. If the cashier is finished swiping your card, you should immediately clean it with a cleaning tissue that contains alcohol. But if you are forced to use cash, make sure you clean your hands immediately with a hand sanitizer after the payment transaction and do not touch the area of ​​your face afterwards.

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A recent study conducted by Timothy Gubler and Lamar Pierce from the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis shows that poor physical health is driven by the same psychological factors that determine whether or not you contribute to your retirement plan at work.  See this related article in the NY Times:

In the study, employees who contributed regularly to their 401(k) plan were not only more likely to take steps to improve their health but also had a 27 percent improvement in their blood scores. “Non-contributors continued to suffer health declines,” the paper said.

This study underscores the importance of having a mindset that is focused on planning for the future.

The same mentality that drives you to increase your 401K contributions also inspires you to enhance health measures such as weight and blood pressure. The participants who improved their health scores were incentivized to make changes to their physical health after receiving information and education from the study coordinators. Once informed, they took the appropriate action and their health improved.

Whereas some people are motivated to save and are more future-oriented, others apparently only act when they are forced to make a change. This is something I see frequently in my practice. The clients who are able to pull together their financial statements easily and quickly and who are more organized and committed, fare far better than those who are not as concerned about the future and do not have their financial life organized and top of mind. The key is to be intentional about making the changes you need to improve your future. Helping the client creating a clear vision of the future often helps motivate someone who up to that point had been procrastinating savings and unwilling to address key areas of his or her financial life that needed to be addressed.

A fee only financial planner can act as a personal fiscal fitness coach to provide motivation as well as a well defined action plan to ensure that steps are taken to improve the clients financial independence now and in the future.

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The South Carolina Future Scholar 529 plan is an excellent way for parents to save for college, but there are some important rules to understand in order to ensure that you make only “qualifying “ distributions, so that you don’t have a surprise tax liability.

Time Distribution

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First and most importantly, make sure that you time distributions to coincide with expenses paid. The regulations are such that money not spent within a calendar year that it is withdrawn may be subject to taxes and penalties.

For example, say Pete Sr. receives Pete Jr.’s college bill in late November of 2013 for $10,000 for the Spring semester that starts January 15th, 2014. He decides to pay the bill in December, but with the hectic holiday schedule he forgets to withdraw the 529 funds in 2013. Instead, he requests the 529 distribution in 2014. His expenses don’t match the withdrawals for 2013 or for 2014. He will not be able to claim the distribution for the 2013 as it was disbursed in 2014 and the 2014 distributions will also not be qualified, as the expenses were paid in 2013. So if $10,000 was disbursed in 2014 and $3,000 of that was earnings*, the $3,000 would be taxable and a 10% penalty would be assessed.

Reimbursement Are Qualified

Second, you want to make sure that the expenses you are seeking reimbursement for are qualified and are net of any scholarships or other tax credits. Qualified expenses include tuition, books, and mandatory fees and supplies in conjunction with enrollment in all eligible institution. The student must also attend school at least halftime.

Say Mary Alice attends USC full time and her tuition, books, room and board are $10,000 a year for one semester. She also, however, receives $2,000 of scholarships a semester. Her parents should only withdraw $8,000, not $10,000.

Rent Is Consistent

Note: Rent for off-campus apartments is qualified as long as the rent is consistent with on campus housing. If a student prefers cooking in her apartment instead of the cafeteria, she can get reimbursed for meals as long as the expenses are in line with the school’s cafeteria plan charges. She will also want to keep receipts for any food and dining expenditures in case of an audit.

Any taxable distributions are subject to a 10% penalty, but there are exceptions. The 10% penalty will not be assessed if the distribution is due to a death or disability. A more common exception is that no penalty is assessed on any tax-free scholarships or fellowships. So, although the earnings portion of any distribution will be taxed, the penalty will be waived for an amount equivalent to scholarships or grants received by the student.

So from the example with Mary Alice above, she will pay taxes on the $2,000 of earnings if her parents withdraw the full $10,000, but no penalty will be incurred.

*you don’t pay taxes or penalties on contributions, as they were already taxed. 529 contributions are made with post tax dollars.

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