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Every now and then, people ask the question on ‘how big is the promotional products industry?

Well, it can be safe and quite evident to say that it is more than a $ 26 billion, according to the 2023 PPAI sales study. This study has been by marketing researchers of relevant insights. However, there are many articles used to promote a product, service or company program through special promotional specials, bonuses, incentives, gifts, prizes, souvenirs and other items, which can be easily printed or decorated. As per PPAI, the top ten industries and buyers who use most of the promotional activities and discounts range from corporate trainings, financial services, health services, not profit organizations, construction businesses, government affiliations, professional associations and car companies.

This article outlines some of the significant facts about promotions and discounts for example, most promotions and discounts are mostly targeted towards professionals like doctors, lawyers, CPA, etc. instead of the customers. Ten main uses for the recognition of the brand awareness or the product can be enhanced by corporate identity, public relations and goodwill, customer loyalty and appreciation, generate sales and referrals, communication of employees and recognition programs which are sponsored by other companies.

Introduction Activities for Promotions and Discounts

The introduction of a new product is mostly done to motivate behaviors through incentives

Programs, through which acquisition for a new customer is, be done easily. However, the impact of successful brands is mainly or always considered a true strategy for the promotion of products like BmarCoupons. It also works effectively in achieving the marketing objectives. In today’s industry, the generation Z, millennials, and generation X are considered to be main influencers. Online advertising transmission and mobile printing can produce 9 out of 10 customers who remember the branding message and recall. 8 out of 10 customers can remember the messaging and 7 out of 10 remember the ‘Call to action’ motive.

Who remembers what is best for them

The millennial generation remembers social media messages more than any ordinary customer. Direction calls are better than those of any sales pitch calls done to the Zers generation. They can then act on the statements with final instructions towards any discount or promotional activity. Millennials are the best benchmarks for digital channels like website domains or contact information.

Promotional Association International is the only international non-profit organization which takes care of the promotional advertising messages of the products industry. The Union offers adequate training, technology, trade fairs, professional products and services with the legislative support for over 14,400 member companies worldwide. PPAI has also has celebrated 113 years of service in the area of promotional products and of its members, making it one of the oldest professional associations in the United States. The promotional or discount messages advertised for products, must be useful and appreciated by the recipients, or if that it would benefit the customers or the consumer in the same way or the other. Companies however remain preserved and used repeated printed messages multiple times without giving an additional cost to the advertiser.

How it is Being Structured

The whole industry sector for promotions and discounts is being strutted as an advertising consultant develops solutions to marketing problems all over the world with the innovative use of promotional items and tries to make it into a resource for business buyers, sellers and others who want to use their brand.

Awareness and circulation promotional materials are used in exhibitions, staff maintenance, etc. There are more than 23,000 consultancy agencies in this sector. You can easily find the most appropriate one, as per your brand, product or service requirement. Promotional or discount messages can give out incentives to produce, import, convert, print or otherwise produce suppliers. Products which are offered for sale through consultants of promotional products can be one way to get the message across.

It is always better to find a professional association in the field of promotional products to represent the interests of promotional products companies, both members and non-members. According to a research, more than 37,000 US advertising companies offer over 510,000 marketing jobs to make attractive and significant messages regarding promotional sales and discount.

The Marketing Stigma

It has to be backed by advertising, as it is the only part of the promotional mix which is often been considered as an important element in the overall design of the marketing mix. It is high visibility and omnipresence. Promotional messaging and discount offers are also considered as “coordination of all efforts of the seller. The main direction to motivate buying or selling behaviors depends upon to create compelling information and means to facilitate the extent of a property, brand, product or a service. Advertising, promotion or discount offers is often seen as a supportive element to influence behaviors. Most customers are really looking forward for compelling offers. The notice of towards motivation must integrate and coordinate with the rest of the marketing effort, especially towards the product / brand decisions, which can be effective to support a whole buyer and seller strategy. The main elements which are considered towards to make the compelling offer include three basic elements. They are:

  1. Advertising
  2. Personal sale
  3. Sales promotion

The dissemination of information by non-personal means through paid media, whose source is the sponsoring organization. This was the traditional way of selling products. Nowadays, personal sales are the dissemination of information by non-personal means. Methods such as personal contacts, contacts between the public and employees of the sponsoring organization make compelling offers in the Business-to-Business world.

The specification of promotions and discount activities during the campaigns depends mainly on the marketing strategy that can be expressed to create compelling offers, for example, by describing everything related the product, service, its stock or its segment; introduction to a new niche conquered market positions. Marketing, human and technical infrastructures resources, level of communication and provision of information which are valid and can be taken into account by the customer.

Looking from a Manufacturer’s Perspective

The manufacturer can only rely on the great efficiency of advertising campaigns if:

Mainly, first, they are prepared and carried out on the basis of preliminary studies and given the dynamic nature of the market. Second, promotional items reasonably created, memorable and correct to act on a preselected consumer and the public. Thirdly, a sufficiently wide publication of advertising material is provided to the ones which are best for the activity. Fourth, events in different places which are coordinated at different levels at customer interaction

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I don’t have a dog … or a boyfriend. Once upon a time, I had both. This is not a country song by the way, I am going to take this in a different direction so stick with me. If I did have a dog, I might be writing about all the wonderful ways my imaginary dog, Sprinkles, enhances my life in the absence of a man. But Sprinkles is just a dog I met on the street while her real owner was walking her. And my landlord doesn’t allow pets in the building anyway.

So that’s neither here nor there. For now, I’ll have to bestow all my loving praise upon my very cherished succulent, Curly (pictured left). A loyal plant can bring much joy to a single ladies’ life. Curly has been with me now for almost four years and I feel like we have a very solid relationship. After the jump, some reasons why having a plant is better than having a boyfriend.

They are always available to listen.

Curly is a plant of few words, specifically, none. But he is a really great listener and he’s available anytime of the day or night. He is never too busy with work or hanging out with his buddies to lend a leaf. And he never judges me or thinks I’m “overly emotional” when I cry. I know I can go to Curly with life’s joys and pains and he will listen without ever saying a word or trying to figure out how to “fix” things. If only more boyfriends could do the same.

They need you, but not too much.

My beloved plant needs me — mostly to water him — but still, he needs me and is not afraid to show it. When I’m away for a week, Curly’s tentacles droop slightly with the sadness of my absence. When I water him, he perks back up but I tell myself that it’s because he is very happy to see me. When I think of “what I have to come home to,” after a particularly annoying family weekend, I can count on Curly to be sitting placidly still on my windowsill waiting. But as thrilled as I am that Curly needs me, he is also totally self-sufficient on the days that he doesn’t need to be watered, pruned, or repotted, which isn’t very often. Men would be wise to take note of this delicate need/self-sufficiency balance.

They never complain about anything.

Plants turn excessive sunlight into photosynthesis and 10 days worth of rain into emergency food storage. Curly makes the best of every situation. You won’t hear him complaining about how his branches could be fuller if he only sat on a more sun-drenched ledge or got watered more often. If Curly’s arms are dropping or he sheds excessively, you won’t see him blaming me for making him that way or waiting for me to make him grow. Curly knows this too shall pass. What an inspiring outlook on life!

They never quit you.

It’s in a plant’s nature to keep thriving until the bitter end, to try to find ways to adapt to every obstacle thrown their way. I’m not gonna lie, Curly and I have gone through some rough patches in our relationship, but he never once dreamed of leaving me. He always found a way to work it out. He never broke up with me because he felt I was unable to understand his watering needs or because I was keeping him in too small of a pot. There was the time early in our relationship when I faultily repotted him causing one of his limbs to snap off. Did he get upset and walk out? No, because plants can’t walk. But that is besides the point. Curly simply adjusted his body position and embraced life with three tentacles instead of four. Recently, I accidentally dropped Curly on the floor while I was doing some spring cleaning. It was really bad. Many of his tentacles snapped leaving him looking like an old, bald man. But I have faith in him that he will make a full recovery in fall, when he’s had time to heal and grow. Because that’s the kind of plant he is … a keeper.

They get along with everybody.

Often boyfriends can come between you and those closest to you. Not Curly. Everyone who meets him likes him. Curly is not my only plant, but he is my favorite. There are other vegetable friends in my life and Curly never exhibits any jealous behavior. Whomever he is seated near on the windowsill — whether it be Prickly, Liberation, or Dewdrop — he shares the space with grace and never hogs the light or clamors for my attention. He is secure in our connection and knows that I will love him no matter how many tentacles he loses. And he will love me unconditionally, too.

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AirPods are arguably the first Apple product to see large discounts before Black Friday, but they’re certainly not the only ones. Head here to find some other great deals ahead of time.

Every year, Black Friday gets more and more crowded with people looking for discounts on technology, rather than just food and clothes. This year might be the first where you’ll hear cries of “But I want it now!” not from kids looking for presents under the tree, but actual adults.

To that end, some of the best discounts are being offered early, before Black Friday even arrives. Don’t get too excited though, not every Black Friday deal applies to all shoppers, so you’ll have to be smart about your purchases.

Best discounts on the AirPod

In early November, Best Buy began offering a $100 gift card for those who purchased AirPods from the store. This offer’s been extended until November 20th, so you can still take advantage if you were eyeing a pair as a gift.

The gift card will be given to those who purchase the charging case and one additional AirPod. The gift card can be used at Best Buy stores and Best Find a great black friday deal, decide what to buy. It’s a simple process.

AirPods on sale

If you’ve been thinking about splurging on a pair of AirPods, here are some places where you can get them for less than $160. Note that the prices listed here may change over time.

  • Apple Store: $159 (Reg. $199) until November 20th
  • Best Buy: $159 (Reg. $199) until November 20th
  • Walmart: $154.99 plus free shipping for members with free pickup in store at checkout (Reg. $199)
  • Jet: $159 (Reg. $199)
  • Adorama: $159 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Newegg: $154.99 (Reg. $199). Consider using a promo code like AFDPRW24 for an additional 10% off the price!
  • B&H Photo Video: $154.95 (Reg. $199). Use the code HAFDUS5 for an additional 5% off your order
  • Best Buy: $159 (Reg. $199)
  • TigerDirect: $159.99 (Reg. $199). Use coupon code “TDS2017” to get a 10% discount if you use the code during checkout.
  • B&H Photo Video: $174 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Adorama: $174 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Newegg: $174 (Reg. $199). Use promotion code 15DPFREQ for an additional 15% off your order, or use promo code ADDISRX for an additional 5% off the price.
  • Target: $159 (Reg. $199)
  • Walmart: $154.99 (Reg. $199) with free shipping
  • Newegg: $159 (Reg. $199). Use promo code HAFDUS5 for an additional 5% off your order if you use this code at checkout. Note that the price may be different depending on the quantity you order.
  • Amazon: $159 (Reg. $199) with free shipping on orders of at least $35, valid for Prime members or people who have a Prime Student membership. Use code “BLACK17” to get the discount as a Prime member as well as an additional 20% off as a student if you’re not already a member!

Unless noted, all of these are available for in-store pickup or shipping. Some are also available for same-day pickup. Most of them will be offered with free shipping as well.

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Some online shopping sites provide special promotional programs for existing customers. If you are already a member of the site, you can get it directly on online shopping sites or special sites that provide promo codes for you to get discounts or attractive offers from your shopping place.

You can find the promo code for you to enter later in the box that is available when you checkout. You can get the promo code on some of the sites below.


On this site you can also get a special promo code for existing customers from Wish. You should also register on this site if you want to get the latest promo code information updates from other online shopping sites. If you have planned every weekend to shop online, this site could be one on your list because you will get coupon code from Wish and other big online shopping sites such as Amazon, Ebay, etc.

This site provides promo codes from Wish for you existing customers. You can get promo code updates every day but just make sure you don’t run out because the promo code is limited. If you already have a special schedule for shopping, make sure you get the code before you are overtaken by someone else


If you are a promo code hunter from Wish, this site can also be an alternative for you to look for it. This site specifically provides various coupon codes from the biggest shopping site from China. Make sure the promo code from this site is still active because you will hunt with other promo code hunters.


There are many promo codes that you can get on this site that offers a better shopping experience. Wish is one of the largest shopping sites with coupon codes and other attractive promos that have been available for a long time at this 8-year-old site. If you are looking for the latest promo code for Wish, make sure you have checked it on a site that also offers promo codes from other online shopping sites that are updated every day.


Visit this site and add to your list to get promo coded from Wish. This site has thousand promo code that you can use to save more when you shop at Wish site. Find updated promo code and just make sure you don’t lose your chance to get the new promo code to get discounted price that will save your hole in your wallet.

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For years I have been the “CFO” of my household. Over twenty plus years of marriage, I have paid the bills, done all of the investing, monitored the family budget and net worth, negotiated mortgages, and even have power of attorney for my husband, so that I can execute trades on behalf of him. We both have charities that are near and dear to our hearts, but we normally write a check for all of our donations from our joint account. Often, the thank you card we receive from the charity is addressed only to my husband. Ouch!

Over the past year I have had two charities which responded to our charitable donations with thank you cards made out only to my husband. Meanwhile, my name is listed first on the top of the check and I have a different surname than his. In addition, we continued to get mail from one of the organizations and, you guessed it; my name wasn’t included on that mailing either! Meanwhile, my husband does not even have his own checking account nor was he the one who originally decided to give to the charity. I had been the one who starting contributing and asking for information.

When I complained to the charity, it took them over 6 months for them to include me in their subsequent mailings. Still, even though I am the one who signed up for ongoing electronic communication, they only address my husband in the salutation of the correspondence sent to my email address.

As a female CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, I respect that not all women want to take charge of their finances to the extent I do, but I believe that it is extremely important for women to be aware of their financial situation. That is why I insist that each spouse (or partner) is involved in the financial planning process and that they both provide feedback on my questionnaires as well as participate in ongoing discussions. If anything, women have a greater need to feel secure about their finances as the majority of females become solely responsible for their finances due to death, divorce, or choosing to stay single. The financial services industry often is derided for their treatment of women, both toward employees as well as clients. I can totally understand how women can feel disenfranchised by these institutions and society at times. We need to think about the subtle and not so subtle messages we send out to them that may be turning them off.

We are no longer living in the 50s. More women than men are graduating from college and obtaining graduate degrees. We are choosing to work even after we have children, and we often make most of the buying decisions for our households. With the growth of internet communication, we need to ensure that our databases are capturing the correct client data and responding to both spouses. It is essential that women not only feel they are being acknowledged, but that their input is being solicited in a proactive way.

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Americans strive to do “better than the Jones’” by earning enough money (and accumulating debt) to buy fancy McMansions, nice cars, and family vacations. But the never-ending pursuit of the trappings of wealth can get in the way of the truly important things in life such as relationships, job satisfaction, and extracurricular pursuits. Debt accumulation is often the end result of aspiring to acquire “stuff and things” so we can impress others and make ourselves feel like we have succeeded. Acquiring material possessions rarely leads to happiness. In addition to increased debt, it impairs our ability to provide adequate savings for retirement. In fact, research shows that the average American has very little saved for retirement.

According to research from the 2014 Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 58 percent of workers and 44 percent of retirees report having a problem with their level of debt, and a sizable percentage of workers have virtually no money in savings and investments. Among the workers that responded to the RCS, 60 percent report that the total value of their household’s savings and investments, excluding the value of their primary home and any defined benefit plans, is less than $25,000. Only roughly 22% had savings over $100,000.

Mr. Anthony’s article offers some advice to live debt free and counterbalance the materialistic slant of today’s world.

First, he mentions a tip his father taught him– that he should always try to live on only half of what he earns each year.

Most Americans will need to save far more than they anticipated for retirement. Whereas a 10% savings rate was appropriate in the past when workers had robust pensions and could count on receiving Social Security, a retirement savings rate of at least 15% is now more appropriate. If you include additional annual saving for an auto reserve, future college expenses for your kids, and six months of cash for an emergency reserve, a number closer to at least 25% might be more practical. His father’s point was that you should try to live way below your means so that there would be a cushion of safety as well as turbo charged savings for future goals like retirement. If we live a frugal lifestyle, we won’t get too addicted to a cushy lifestyle.

Second, it is essential that we relax about what our “position” is in life and not fall prey to the belief that “we are what we own.”

The key concept here is that true happiness is “wanting what you have.” As we get older and start to reflect on our lives, we realize that health, relationships, and experiences are far more valuable than all of the physical things that were once so imperative for us to acquire. In fact, we have learned by experience, that just because we bought that truck or went on our dream vacation, it did not fundamentally change our lives. Learning to love exactly where you are in your life at any one point in time is a concept that will result in great joy, peace, and satisfaction. Mr. Anthony writes, “life does not consist of the abundance of things, but of the abundance of enjoying where we are and who we are with.”

Finally, Mr. Anthony suggests that we should not place an unrealistic burden on ourselves regarding where we “should be” at certain ages or stages of our lives.

You should live the life that YOU want, not the life you think your parents, friends, or colleagues think you should live. You have the power to write the script of your life.

Our life goals, and especially our retirement goals are very important, as they help define our lifestyle and determine how much money we need to achieve our heartfelt desires. If we can live by the principles that Mitch Anthony outlines, we can have control over our money as opposed to our money and debt having control over us.

If you want to read more about goal setting for retirement, I suggest that you read Mitch Anthony’s book The New Retirementality. It will inspire you to be more intentional about planning for that next phase of your life. The book also provides valuable exercises to help you determine how you will spend your time and money to live a purposeful retirement. The Millionaire Next Door is also a great read to inspire you to downscale your life. The book, written by Tom Stanley and William Danko, presents research on the habits and lifestyle of wealthy Americans and how they accumulated millions by not flaunting their wealth, but instead by living a practical life.

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A recent study conducted by Timothy Gubler and Lamar Pierce from the Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis shows that poor physical health is driven by the same psychological factors that determine whether or not you contribute to your retirement plan at work.  See this related article in the NY Times:

In the study, employees who contributed regularly to their 401(k) plan were not only more likely to take steps to improve their health but also had a 27 percent improvement in their blood scores. “Non-contributors continued to suffer health declines,” the paper said.

This study underscores the importance of having a mindset that is focused on planning for the future.

The same mentality that drives you to increase your 401K contributions also inspires you to enhance health measures such as weight and blood pressure. The participants who improved their health scores were incentivized to make changes to their physical health after receiving information and education from the study coordinators. Once informed, they took the appropriate action and their health improved.

Whereas some people are motivated to save and are more future-oriented, others apparently only act when they are forced to make a change. This is something I see frequently in my practice. The clients who are able to pull together their financial statements easily and quickly and who are more organized and committed, fare far better than those who are not as concerned about the future and do not have their financial life organized and top of mind. The key is to be intentional about making the changes you need to improve your future. Helping the client creating a clear vision of the future often helps motivate someone who up to that point had been procrastinating savings and unwilling to address key areas of his or her financial life that needed to be addressed.

A fee only financial planner can act as a personal fiscal fitness coach to provide motivation as well as a well defined action plan to ensure that steps are taken to improve the clients financial independence now and in the future.

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Many people are loathe to increase their cash reserves when the rate of return on cash accounts is miniscule. Yet cash may be the exact asset to bolster when markets are frothy and the economy is sputtering. Here are some recent articles that underscore the importance of having a stash of some cash.

Having at least 6 months of living expenses is very important to protect you and your family from an unexpected event like a job loss, disability, medical emergency or even divorce. Although money market and checking accounts are yielding close to nothing, you can research on line savings accounts. Current yields are roughly 0.9% (9-14). You can compare rates, restrictions, bank ratings and other factors at

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The key to living well is to take full advantage of precisely what you possess. This is actually very important in these types of difficult economic times exactly where you may have to make due along with a small kitchen rather than remodeling or even purchasing a more substantial home.

The good thing is that you are able to improve your readily available space for storing in actually the most basic of kitchens.

Here are some suggestions that will help you.

Get rid of the mess! If youre like many people, your kitchen will be cluttered together with appliances along with gadgets which youve by no means even used. Or, possibly you bought an item on sale at the shop and make use of it hardly ever. Within instances like these, you might think about giving away your items or even donating them to a thrift store. If there tend to be items which you use from time to time, like cake pans for particular holidays, you might desire to store them somewhere else. For example, you are able to store cake pans, holiday dishes, muffin tins as well as other items in a plastic tote put into the attic or garage.

Relocate items whenever possible. Many times, the kitchen will become a catch all room for items which are generally utilized often. You may want to keep your own phone books, medicine, table linens as well as candles inside a closet as an alternative to allowing these kinds of items to take up beneficial kitchen space.

Think Outside The Box. As opposed to storing items within cabinets, you may wish to increase the rarely used spaces inside your kitchen area. For example, you can purchase organizers that may end up being installed on the interior of your own cabinet doors. This is the perfect destination to store aluminum foil, baggies, as well as other items. Likewise, you might additionally want to install a rack exactly where you are able to hang your pots and pans. This is actually a fantastic method to make use of the otherwise unused space inside your kitchen.

Look up! You are able to put attractive baskets on the top of your kitchen cabinets. After that, fill the baskets along with rarely used items or cookbooks. This should release valuable space too. Nevertheless, make sure to store merely lightweight items within these types of baskets. Storing hefty objects could be a security issue.

Make use of the space under your sink. With the correct organizational items, this particular untouched space can hold things like laundry detergent, kitchen soap, and other cleaning items. In the event that you currently have young children and also store cleaning items or even chemicals under the sink, be sure you install a cabinet lock or even some other safety gadget on the cabinet.

Make time to de-clutter often. Keeping the kitchen neat and free from clutter can seem overwhelming, especially if you possess a large amount of clutter! The answer to keeping your own kitchen free of clutter is usually to take some time each week to de-clutter or eliminate things which you no longer use. This may make sure that your kitchen remains arranged.

Take into account that it will require some time to re-organize and also de-clutter your kitchen space. Several individuals realize that it is useful to spend little increments of time focusing on the work over the course of a couple weeks than to take this particular project all at once. In such a case, you can easily get overwhelmed and stop trying before the project is carried out.

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Fall is an incredible time to winterize your house and prepare for winter. Nevertheless, you could put off gardening jobs because of just about all the other work that needs to be done all around your home.

Believe it or not, it does not take much time to winterize your own garden. In addition, large gardening work can end up being divided right into a number of more palatable pieces. In this way, youll be able to get a great deal finished.

September is actually a great time to feed your lawn. Any time you fertilize or feed your own lawn in the fall, youll give it time to mend the damage which had been done from the warm summer. Needless to say, youll make certain that your own lawn is healthy just before the cool winter months arrives. This will mean that your own yard may end up being much more attractive as well as healthier when spring rolls around the coming year. For information on the most effective product for your unique situation, you are able to stop by your local gardening center or perhaps hardware store.

Re-seeding your own lawn may in addition help to keep your lawn looking good year after year. To do this, merely choose a high quality gr[censored] seed and make use of a seed spreader. For top results, you could also fertilize your lawn right after seeding. Right after you have seeded your own lawn to fill out the damaged spots, make sure to keep your lawn well watered. This may be sure that the gr[censored] seed will actually germinate.

Tidy up the garden patch. Whether or not you have a vegetable or flower garden, you are going to have to do some tidying up just before the winter months arrive. In the vegetable garden, you can pull-up plants that have completed bearing produce. Youll be able to also pull just about any weeds that have gotten an opportunity to germinate. Yard waste can end up being thrown right into the compost pile to be able to decompose within the winter and spring or even it could end up being placed at the curb to be reused by your city. The early on fall is also a fantastic time to prune shrubs as well as perennials. For additional info on pruning, youll be able to check online or even talk to an experienced gardener at your own local gardening center.

Mulch! Incorporating a whole new layer of mulch will help new or even fragile plants effectively survive the winter months. This is especially crucial if perhaps you live in an area which will get a great deal of snow and also cold weather. In some instances, plants might need additional care to survive the winter months locally. Sometimes, you may be in a position to wrap the plant in burlap or you may possibly have to dig up certain plants and also move them inside for the winter months.

Plant spring bulbs. Many spring bulbs must be planted within the fall. This includes flowers such as daffodils, crocus plants, and tulips. Planting today may ensure that your own yard is colorful in the springtime!

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