Popular Ways for Media Businesses to Serve Latest Stories

With the increase in competition, delivering the latest content to your customer anytime, anywhere is a big responsibility for Media Businesses. Readers are curious to know what’s happening around the World and all the Media Businesses want to be the first to serve the latest happenings to them.

So how do media businesses keep up with this trend? How do they know which stories are popular among readers? What are some of their tricks of staying on top of everything that’s happening in this competitive world?

We have answers! And we have more questions too! Read on for more…

What Are Popular News Stories?

A study was done by Nielson to find out what are the top ten read stories across all genres of Media including TV and Radio. The results were surprising. These were the top five most watched or listened news stories:

Tucker Carlson Tonight was first overall with an average audience of 560,000 viewers, followed by The Five (519,000 viewers), Hannity (474,000 viewers), Jesse Watters Primetime (434,000 viewers) and Special Report (409,000 viewers)

The popularity of these stories is not surprising though because they all have local content that can interest the audience in any country. The story on Tucker Carlson Tonight grabbed the world’s attention as it was a high structure fire that took place in a famous building and the Hannity news broke during the same time as America was in frenzy over their own baby being born.

What Makes It Popular?

These stories vary in popularity and easy to follow. Some of these topics are easy to understand and can be easily followed like the Super Bowl that the NFL gets the rights to broadcast such a huge event. But other stories are not for everyone as it is very complicated in nature and some people may not understand it. These types of events may be confusing or unclear at first glance but as one reads more, they can understand more and appreciate the story.

Stories can also be more popular in age groups for different reasons. The youngest of us are just discovering the wonders of TV and radio and are not yet talking about politics or complicated issues. Some topics may be a bit too complex for young children who at that age don’t understand the world they live in. But as they grow up, they will have more to say about what’s happening around them.

Using Popular Stories to Connect with Readers

As media business owners we must know what makes a story popular so that we can use it to attract readers who love these kinds of stories and connect them with our brand or products. You may have heard of the saying that “all publicity is good publicity.” This means that even if bad things are happening in the story, they still attract readers and listeners as they want to know what happened.

Most Popular Stories Around the World

You may also notice that popular stories do not only happen in one country but around the whole world. These types of stories engage people and since we are a very connected world, these stories are easily shared and reach everyone on social media or through other media. People pick up on what others like so they want to follow suit and this doesn’t just apply to Media Businesses; it applies to all businesses out there.

Why Use Popular Stories to Connect with Readers?

There are numerous ways in which we can use these stories to connect with our readers or customers. We can share the stories on social media and make people aware of certain issues so that they know what is happening and are more likely to purchase from you. News feed apps allow us to be notified of what’s going on in the world around us and they allow us to keep up with the latest happenings. This is especially useful when it comes to foreigners who just arrived in your country.

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