How To Have Confidence And Charisma At Work In Time Of Pandemic

Many of us struggle with the sense of self-confidence that usually arises from us. Moreover, in the midst of facing the current pandemic that has shaken our world of work as well. Here are some tips on how to make ourselves remain confident and charismatic in the midst of a pandemic, quoted from the Wolipop website.

Chat with Yourself

Brooke Lindsay is an expert of confidence that often uploads videos on YouTube. In a recent video, he also talked about how to make a good impression on everyone. In addition to association, this is certainly also important for a career. One of the first ways is by chatting with yourself.

“What you say to yourself reflects and impacts your confidence around other people. Only if you believe in yourself can you be more confident and charismatic,” Brooke said.

What do you have to say to yourself? Make sure that you are a valuable, smart, and beautiful person in your own way. This also needs to be done by knowing yourself to find out what are the strengths that can be ‘sold’.

Don’t Be a ‘Mean Girl’

Brooke says you also have to get rid of the ‘inner mean girl’ inside. According to Brooke many women become ‘bitchy’ or closed not by accident. They do it because the environment continues to say they are not good enough. For that, get rid of the notion that you are not a person ‘shining’ to increase self-confidence and positive aura.

Improve Body Language

Quite often people who have positive charisma and aura have distinctive body language. Gestur becomes the second thing you need to fix afterward. No need to try to be someone else, starting to improve body language with eye contact to use your hands when talking.

“Consider eye contact, how you use your hands when you talk, if your hands are crossed, facial expressions, and how you open yourself will have an effect. Stand up straight, remind yourself that you have important things to say,” he said.

Dare to Speak

People who speak with confidence will appear more charismatic and magnetic. People who tend to be shy may find it difficult to work on but this is worth doing. Expressing your opinion out loud can also make you trusted by your boss at work.

“Speaking confidently comes from knowing that you deserve and understanding what you want to add to the conversation means. Take small steps and know what suits you, it can be like joking or agreeing with someone’s opinion and then building a topic,” Brooke said.

Make Others Comfortable

Charismatic people usually don’t just focus on themselves. They are generally also good at making other people feel comfortable even more open. One key is to listen and respond well to people. If the person feels heard and cared for, it is not uncommon that they will trust you more for work.

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