Risk of Investing In The Pandemic

Investing during a pandemic is not easy. A large risk can arise at any time. The people’s economy is weakening even though stocks are still fluctuating.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust investing in Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Alibaba, and Twitter in the initial quarter was worth a total of USD 450 million (around Rp 6.3 trillion). This is known based on reports from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The largest private foundation asset manager in the world, investments worth between USD 100 million and USD 130 million. On Twitter, they dare put a figure of around USD 7 million. Not only in the four giant technology companies, this foundation also invests in other companies.

The Risk

However, the investment must be affected because of the Corona virus pandemic. Overall, the portfolio shrank by 19% to around USD 17.4 billion (Rp2,473 trillion), as FedEx, UPS, Liberty Global, Walmart, and other holdings experienced a decline in share prices.

Why Bill Gates Still In Pandemic

Bill Gates expressed his concern for the COVID-19 outbreak because of his deep experience in fighting diseases and efforts to equalize vaccinations. He himself has warned of the possibility of a pandemic since 2015 ago.

The philanthropist also said his foundation paid full attention to the COVID-19 pandemic, and had spent a lot of money developing vaccines. As quoted from Business Insider.

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