New Normal Life Employee, How To Survive At Pandemic

The pandemic that has made millions of people get laid off from the company where they work forcing someone to work harder to survive in the midst of this crisis. Some small and medium-sized businesses have experienced a setback for having to close to cover operational costs.

Company employees who remain in a company must also follow the new rules in New Normal life after quarantine independently at home. Some companies still enforce Work From Home (WFH) for some of their employees to carry out social distancing protocols in the office. Employees who must continue to work from the office must protect themselves by implementing the New Normal lifestyle protocol that is diligent in washing their hands, wearing masks, and social distancing.

What should be prepared for the New Normal era in your work environment? Here are some things that can be your reference.

Stick With Commitment

If you don’t have the commitment to work by applying the New Normal rules, you can become a Covid-19 virus spreader. Why is that? You may have strong immunity, but your coworkers don’t. This is what you should pay attention to. Taking care of yourself in this New Normal life is the same as taking care of others.

Maintaining the ethics of communicating in working with your colleagues can be one of your assessments later if this pandemic ends. Remember your work is still supervised by your boss and the possibility of promotion is still wide open. Maintaining your commitment to work with your team will also help your company continue to run well. Maybe you say, what about my other coworkers? What if they are not committed. Change with New Normal life will give effect to everyone, including your friends.

More Creative

Quoted from Forbes, Amanda Hill is the CEO of Three Box, strategic communications, marketing, and PR agency delivering high impact for international brands said that It’s easy to get stuck in the “this is how we’ve always done it” mindset, but creativity is the key to discovering your team’s potential. Now is an opportunity to open the door for innovation. The positive side of implementing social distancing is that employees have more time to think without being distracted by living socially with fellow employees in the office.

When external events force internal shifts, creativity should get a front-row seat. Now is the time to see what resonates with your team and make long-term cultural improvements. Try hosting live chats with the CEO, holding virtual focus groups with different team members, conducting pop-up polls, or posting dedicated hours for questions or conversations said Hills.

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