Saving Remains Good Choice In the Middle of a Pandemic

The current pandemic situation should have been thought of from the start when we managed our finances. At what age were you taught to save? Most parents since ancient times have taught their children to save since school age or 5 years and over when they have entered kindergarten as a saving for the future. But it turns out that in this era known as millennials, there is a very different tendency for the current generation in managing their finances.

A survey agency in the United States (US) named conducted a survey in May 2019 about millennials in the US to find out their habits in managing finances.

One of the topics being surveyed is how much savings they have in their accounts. found the fact that 54% of millennials aged 20-35 do not have savings of more than $ 1,000.

Many people are busy surfing for information on the internet about how to save the most effective, most quickly collect large amounts of money, and in the shortest possible time. This is clearly mistaken. Though it is not the wrong saving method, but rather the reason why we always fail. Maybe everything should go back to form a way of thinking first about the cause of our failure to save. So let’s look at three reasons we always fail to raise money to save, even when the intention has been collected.

1. Don’t Have Money to Save!

In this first point, there will appear all kinds of reasons that will always be able to be issued at this point. From things that are to blame, it is reasonable to be filial to the inability of oneself to manage their own finances. Okay try to note the first thing that is often used as an excuse is a salary that is too small, then the money that is used up to help parents, until they realize that themselves are wasteful. These things are always or often become common reasons for millennials.

Why do these things happen? Because they don’t save their income when they get their salary/income. Because they should be able to save 20-10% of the money earned to meet their savings. For those who already have dependents/debts or cannot be a reason, the amount can be reduced by saving 10% -5% to save.

After clearly saving at the beginning is not set aside at the end, savings should be millennial in Indonesia have enough savings to raise their emergency funds, or meet their needs as explained above such as buying a vehicle, buying a first home, and getting married.

Now let’s try to change the way it acts, that is by not being put aside at the end, but saving first at the beginning and then set aside for all kinds of living needs. First saving, why is that? Because of the necessities of life in the future that is uncertain makes us have to have savings, money that is ready to be used as an emergency fund. Already fulfilling our emergency funds we still have other long-term needs that have been put on the waiting list to be fulfilled.

2. The nature of Hedonism which has become a necessity of life

Who here often does not feel guilty if monthly income is always used up to visit unique/viral eating places, shopping for unique items in the marketplace to sneakers at a price of $ 300, and how to pay in installments 12 months using a credit card?

Well! because of the hedonic owned by millennials so that the habit of not recording every money spent because of the lazy habit of recording it up to too many daily small expenses like that and the nature that is like daily needs, then they do not know how much a lot of money they have spent.

Likewise with the cause of our failure to save. If we don’t know why we will always fail to save. Start recording each expense in detail. Many ways to take notes, through a blank book, through a laptop, or can with applications on our respective smartphones. The point is that there are many ways that make it easier for us to take notes, we only have the intention to improve our finances or not.

3. There Are Still Opportunities for Tomorrow!

Yes !, the motto of Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) becomes a favorite quote of millennials as if everything can be postponed until tomorrow because of life only once. This disparaging trait often backfires on their lives, why? Because time continues to move forward and cannot reverse. Suddenly age continues to grow and without realizing it or already aware, when their eyes are open they still do not have a home, have not prepared for future. So stop spending money without any purpose.

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