New Normal In the Workplace, What Will Change?

When returning to your workplace after working from home during quarantine at home, life at your workplace will never be the same again. During this pandemic, we will live the New Normal life until the epidemic ends in total, at least there is already a drug or vaccine for the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Every country in the world has slowly opened the lockdown but with a health protocol that must still be followed to prevent transmission of the Corona virus. This also applies in the workplace or offices. The following are some types of changes in New Normal Life at work or offices.

Bring Your Own Food

This does not mean you cannot eat in an office canteen or restaurant that is open near your office. But there will be strict protocols, such as social distancing, there is a maximum of people in the canteen or restaurant. This also means you bring your own cutlery because you certainly will not want to share cutlery with other people during this pandemic, right?

To avoid sharing cutlery and those who sneeze in front of you while you eat, bring your own food is the best choice in this New Normal period. You don’t need to share your cutlery with other people and of course you know the cooking process from lunch that you bring yourself from your home. You are also more efficient if you bring your own lunch from home.

Online Meeting

In the New Normal era as a result of this pandemic, holding meetings online will become common and normal. Until the situation is considered safe, even meetings can be conducted via video call even though the workers have entered the office. Online meetings will become a ‘new normal’ that needs to be familiarized with.

More Individuals

Even though the lockdown has been opened, the isolation period may continue on a smaller scale. At least everyone is asked not to gather, go to crowded places on a large scale or share things until the virus has completely died down. In any office, workers will be asked to bring their own cutlery and even write. If you previously could have lunch with your office friend or joke around during breaks, it might be different in this New Normal application. You might still be able to socialize with your colleagues but within a safe distance and it might be more comfortable if you do it online through social media only.

Hand Wash and Hand Sanitizer

If you washed your hands only when you went to the bathroom, now you may do it more often while in the office. You and your colleagues will be more diligent in cleaning your office desk even though there is a cleaning service in your office. Hand sanitizer will also be a mandatory item in your current briefcase. Some countries have even made hand sanitizer machines without touch to make them more hygienic.

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