How To Make Work From Home Success

It is not easy for some companies to implement work from home. Factories and retail trading companies are one of them. For those of you who are given new rules from the company to work from home, here are some surefire tricks from them.

Plan the System

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Work from home for the long term like two to four weeks needs to be planned a mature system of the interests of the company and workers. To start the work system from home, the company is advised to participate in the draft shift division, daily deadline time and other rules. Especially for employees who are accustomed to working ‘9 to 5’, they need clear guidelines on the job description to be more productive from home.

Strong Communication

A very important point if the company wants to work from home is to establish clear communication between workers and managers. If lack of communication is one of the reasons the ‘WFH’ system is less successful. Group chat for daily discussions is the easiest thing to do on a daily basis. Managers and leaders are required to have meetings per week or at least per month. Work targets really need to be informed to motivate ‘WFH’ workers.

Training Manager

It’s very important to be able to check on staff every day. For this reason, it is necessary to make different rules. this is also the reason why applying training to managers as well as improving the management system.

Start it With Practice

Before actually using the WFH system, companies can initiate training first. The ‘education and training’ program will not only give workers time to try and get used to it but also to find faults and mistakes. When the right system is found it will certainly be easier to run it.


One of the best companies that successfully implemented WFH is Humma. To Forbes, the Humma representative said that their commitment was to health and well-being that started from the workplace as a company, they continued to support their work rules more flexibly over time. From flexible times to ‘remote’ accommodations so their workers are equipped to work in an environment where they are their best. After designing the system, do the exercises to actually apply ‘Work From Home’ don’t forget to evaluate.

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