Mother’s Day Tips and Thoughts on Life

Approaching one of the first Mothers days’ that I have experienced from the perspective of a mother has got me thinking about the deeper meaning of life, family and what’s important. The Mother’s Day tradition started with many ancient cultures celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

This celebration has taken on a more commercial flavor in recent times, but regardless I think the occasion still plays an important role in underlining a time for reflection on the importance of mothers and their meaning, for example Mother’s Day gifts. Maybe I’m becoming more sentimental as I now have my own child, but nevertheless, I feel the need to express some thoughts on life and motherhood as it may resonate with other mothers in a similar situation.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that we mothers are to have the single biggest influence on our children’s lives. From small babies to adolescence it’s us that have the biggest effect in these formative years. They are called formative years because it is during this period in their young lives when “the die is cast” so to speak and they “form” most of their personality and basic human character traits. Such lies the courage and selflessness of mothers who, despite having the enormous responsibility of establishing basic inter-human skills in our sons or daughters, we can not only rise to the challenge but access incredible meaning from this ancient, primal task.

Being together with family on occasions like Mother’s Day are so special, and they are the times that we remember the most fondly. Our relationships with others, particularly family members, are the most important aspect of our lives – they give us, and our lives meaning. But remember, while being a mother is an incredible responsibility it will also be the most fun and satisfying journey you’ll ever undertake!

Now, with Mother’s Day fast approaching and with the maternal bonds of family and motherhood firmly in mind, I wanted to share some activities that, when undertaken with sons or daughters, can provide some meaningful family interaction:

  1. Paint a mural on a wall in your house – in our house we have dedicated the laundry wall as a kind of family mural. We plan to give it a light undercoat and then me and my youngest are going to spend several hours debating what to paint, actual painting, choosing colors and constructing an amazing real-life family mural on our laundry wall. I am honestly counting down the days for this one – I can’t wait!! You will produce a lasting, colorful memory of your special day together that you will both cherish.
  2. Put on a home-made, family theatre production – who doesn’t like dressing up? Have a ball with your husband and family on Mother’s Day as you decide on a play (make it one with a simple plot), and subsequently carry it out in front of family and friends. For the super-keen, you can even make your own handmade/sewn costumes and paper mache masks.
  3. Write a letter to the future – Want your special day to have some meaning? Nothing is more meaningful than your little darling writing a letter to someone in the future. Throw open their imagination. It can be about what your child wants to be when they grow up or how they would fix the world or what they would say to someone in the future. Put it in a sealed, glass bottle and go with them and together throw it into the ocean or river. Watch their face light up as their little brain wonders who will be reading their letter, what will their name be, where will they be from etc! You will both be recalling this day for years!

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