Monthly Archives: November 2016

Preparing a Proper Business Plan

Now, while the overall number of self-employed is growing, many fall by the wayside in their attempts to run their own businesses. A great sounding business idea does not necessarily translate into a viable business. Business hazards There are countless factors that can bring a business undone, though the general consensus among small business researchers…

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What is a super fund?

Super funds come in two basic forms. Defined benefit funds With defined benefit funds your final pay-out is “defined” by a set formula. For example, you may get four times your salary if you retire at 55, five times at age 60 and so on. You know in advance what you will get. These were…

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Start Planning Your Retirement Early

In the early 1980s, I started doing the occasional talkback radio segment on Sydney radio station 2BL. Retirement was something many callers wanted to discuss. It seems to me that at that time, people planned to retire at 65. Most financial planning was fairly haphazard and tended to take place after the date of retirement.…

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